Detachable Multi Function Machine


ITEM# SF-3021-3

N.W.: 50kg

Optional Functions
* Facial Steamer
* Magnifying Lamp
* Hot Towel Cabinet
* Skin Scrubber
* Ultrasonic
* Galvanic
* High - Frequency
* Rotary Brush
* Vacuum & Spray
* Magic Glove & BIO-Skin Smoother
* Cold & Hot Hammer
* Diamond Dermabrasion

Latest innovation from B&S Enterprises...
SF-3021 Detachable Multi Function Machine:
This unique machine is available with the most needed 3 functions (Facial Steamer,
Magnifying Lamp and a Hot Towel Cabinet) already built in to the tower. Additional
components can be purchased individually, to help you customize your own multi function
machine, according to the functions which are most important to you. Why pay for
functions you do not need? If servicing is needed, remove only that component while being
able to use the remaining functions.
SF-3021 is customizable from 3 to 12 functions of your choice.
SF-3021-3 Base Tower comes with 3 functions:
Facial Steamer, Magnifying Lamp and a Hot Towel Cabinet $1,650.00
The Base Tower can accommodate six more functions of your choice, a maximum of 9 at
one time. The 10th, 11th and 12th functions can be alternated as needed by simply
unscrewing one function and replacing it with another. All functions can also operate
independently outside of the tower if desired. No need to alternate.
Individual functions can be purchased separately as priced.