Color Photo Physio Vacuum Slimming

$4,356.00 Width: 23.5 in
Length: 14 in
Height: 47.5 in

ITEM# D-809


Size: L14” X W23 1/2” X H47 1/2”

N.W.: 24kg

※ Body Shaping, figure beautifying & anti-aging

※ 3 colors wake up sleeping skin and shape the body perfectly

※ 3 cold lights with different color indications: red light, blue light and green light negative

   air pressure can remove fat 2 times faster than other equipments

※ Red color is the color of life, which has penetrating power and stimulates blood circulation

※ Blue color represents calm, which can adjust the shrinking of muscle, ligament, and other organs

※ Green color is the color of nature, which has the effect of balance, calm, comfort, and relaxation