Digital LCD Display Professional Precision Trimmer

$80.00 Width: 1.25 in
Length: 1.25 in
Height: 6.25 in


Size: D1 ¼” X W1 ¼” X H6 ¼”
N.W.: 0.136kg
* Professional Precision trimmer for hair and beards
* Adjustable cutting height
* Grinding angle specially designed for a close shave
* High-precision steel cutting blades with high carbon content
* User-friendly, quiet, very light, low vibration levels
* Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with no memory effect for a long lifetime
* Powerful battery with a quick charge system and protection against overcharging
* LCD screen: displays the charge level and the “Turbo” function
* Can be used with or without an electric cord
* Removable cutting blades practical for easy maintenance
* Includes: 3 cutting blades
* 1 cleaning brush, 1 charger cradle, 1 plug-in charger
* Can be used as Hair Art Clipper for Graphic Designs