Full Functional Massage Chair

$3,700.00 Width: 31 in
Length: 45 in
Height: 29 in

ITEM# MYX-8001

Product characteristics

1. Designed with a set of vertically movable, four- wheel driven muted massage hands.

2. Seven kinds of massage methods including shiatsu, kneading, knocking, tapping, Knead - knock, knead-tap, vibrating.

3. Auto inspect your back.

4. Fix part massage with neck & shoulder, shoulder & back, back & waist, whole back massage.

5. All the massage methods speed have 4 grades to adjust.

6. Air bag massage: Designed 27 air bags, 2 grades to adjust the intensity.

7. Vibration massage: Backrest and seat cushion have vibration.

8. Synchronous music massage: The speed and intensity of massage can be changed according to the frequency of music.

9. Automatic lifting function: Shank part & backrest can be declined & reclined separately or together, the shank can elongate & shorten.

10. Back, shank and massage hand replacement after power is turn off.

11. Equipped with a handheld jade heater. 5 jade thermostat, the temperature can be adjusted.

12. Equipped with LCD.